Why Does Good Graphic Design Cost More?

A lot of people think design is expensive, whether they need branding help, website design, print design, or some other service. But the truth is, good graphic design isn’t expensive. Instead, the cost directly correlates to the value of the service…. Because it’s about more than just looks. Good, solid design is integral to your brand strategy, brand experience, value, and image. Let’s talk about why all these things matter, how graphic design fits into the picture, and why investing in an Austin graphic designer is the right choice.

4 Ways a Good Graphic Designer Helps Your Business (and Why It Costs More)

Essentially, design affects most aspects of your business. If you don’t invest in good design, you’ll put yourself at a disadvantage from the start. 

Here’s why good design and an experienced graphic designer cost more: because they’re worth more.

1. They’ll Lift Your Brand Positioning & Credibility

How do you want other people – your customers, your competitors – to think about you? How do you want to come across on the internet, or when people interact with your products/services? Design plays a role in all of it.

A consistent, professional look and feel across all your products and platforms encapsulates your brand identity. If the design is not consistent, or nonexistent, you risk being forgettable. You risk looking unprofessional, or even clueless. 

At the very worst, you won’t give potential customers a preview of your brand, what you stand for, what you’re about, and why you exist. And customers want to know those things! 

Luckily, good design communicates all those touchstones in a glance. And when your brand story is clear, customers can more easily latch on. According to Lucidpress, consistent brand presentation, which includes design, can increase revenue by as much as 10-20%.

2. Their Designs Go Beyond Looks… to Function and Usability

Design fundamentally impacts the experience your customers have when interacting with your brand.

And bad design has just as much impact as good design. For example…

If your logo looks like you created it in two minutes using Microsoft Paint, and your package design is cluttered and confusing, potential customers might be less willing to trust you. They’ll instead look to the next option with a better design that’s not just more appealing, but also provides clarity about what the product will do for them. 

If your website looks and performs like it was last updated in 2005, customers will wonder what else you’re dropping the ball on. Even worse, they might get fed up and look elsewhere for a better experience.

Good design is as much about functionality, usability, and practicality as it is about looks. If your touchpoints, platforms, and products are nothing more than “pretty,” that’s not good design.

3. A Good Graphic Designer Helps Differentiate You from Your Competitors

Want to stand out from the competition? You’ll need unique, crisp, creative, professional design to back up and reinforce your differentiation and positioning.

That said, good graphic design that stands out isn’t necessarily complex or complicated. For instance, if your overarching design is simple, clean, and minimal in a sea of brands who are trying to do too much, that’s a great differentiator.

In all instances, great design speaks for itself. It doesn’t have to be flashy with bells and whistles – it just needs to work seamlessly for your customers at all points where they interact with your business. A good designer can make that happen.

4. Good Design Makes a Good Impression

Imagine this scenario:

You’re looking for a specific product online, say, a protective iPad case. You need one that’s durable and waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about it on rainy commutes. You click around online. You find a store that appears to have a decent selection, but the website design is clunky and cluttered. You have trouble finding what you specifically want.

You keep searching. You find a brand with a smooth, easy-to-use website that’s visually pleasing. They sell the same products as the last website at the same prices. What you want is easy to find.

Which impression was positive? Which option would you choose to shop? 

The impression that the consumer forms of your business does not begin and end with your products or services. It begins with how you present them, how easy they are to find, and how your brand image aligns with the consumer’s image of themselves.

Guess what? All of the above depends on good design. That’s why investing in a graphic designer is ultimately worth the cost.

What Should You Expect to Pay for a Good Graphic Designer in San Antonio, Austin, or Houston?

Ready to invest in your business? Good. That’s what investing in good design does for you.

Now, the bigger question: What should you pay for an exceptional graphic designer in major Texas cities like Austin, San Antonio, or Houston?

Since this is an investment that will touch most aspects of your business, be realistic about what, exactly, you’re paying for. It’s not just talent with fonts and colors. It’s not just skill at making things “look pretty.” 

Instead, it’s an investment in your customer experience, your brand positioning, and your overarching brand strategy and image.

With that in mind, there’s no magic number to budget for a designer. Every business is different – at different stages of growth, with varying needs attached.

Average Graphic Designer Pay: Entry Level vs. Expert, Independent vs. In-House

If you don’t have a lot of leeway with your budget yet, consider hiring a part-time or fledgling freelance designer, one who may still be in school or working on their portfolio. They will have cheaper rates because their experience level is low. Expect to pay anywhere from $35-75/hour for their services.

If you’re a rapidly growing brand, you may want to invest more to spur your company toward even more growth. In this case, consider an independent graphic designer with experience – and a comprehensive portfolio to back it up. They’ll have a proven record to take your brand image from zero to 100 in a strategic way. These senior-level designers earn anywhere from $75-150/hour.

If the cost of a freelancer or independent designer sounds steep right now, the alternative option is to hire an in-house designer with a salary. Of course, if you want an experienced expert on your team, you should expect to pay anywhere from $90-100k annually, including benefits, PTO, and more. That breaks down to about $7,500 monthly to hire one person.

With all this in mind, for many businesses, the smarter option is to outsource to an independent designer, since the cost savings are pretty significant.

Need a Good Graphic Designer in Austin?

You don’t have to look far to enlist a good graphic designer. ColorWorks does it all, from print design to logos and branding to digital design and consulting services. 

Let a seasoned expert who knows good design add mega value to your brand. Contact us today for more information.

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