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We offer a wide range of design services, while still remaining nimble and relational.

print + editorial design

We got our start in print and editorial design, and still have a soft spot for the work. Brochures, postcards, print ads and fliers are managed seamlessly by our team from design to execution. We can assist in managing the final printing to get your product out the door and in your hands. We’ll design dynamic impact reports, strategic plans, and magazines for you, complete with compelling infographics.

package design

Our team gets giddy for every packaging graphic design phone call we get. Seriously. We’re known for our experience in consumer goods package design, and offer turnkey project management to bring your product to life. As expert food and beverage package designers, we’ll arrange for photography, design the artwork and the product campaign to go with it. Still imagining your product? We can provide die line consulting and creation and work with your printer to deliver the final product.

Logo design + branding

Whether you’re simply needing a logo designer or a partner in development of your complete brand guide, we have a solution for you. Once we’ve established the look and feel of your brand, we’ll create fresh marketing materials to showcase your business. Proposals, social media badges, multi-unit logo versions, and any other promotional collateral ready to share your story.


If you’re looking for an extension of your marketing team that can embrace your company values, understand your brand personality and delivery quality work on an ongoing basis, we’re here for you. ColorWorks offers retainer options to our clients who have continuous design needs to fill. We’ll don our expertly designed Superwoman cape and work alongside your team whenever duty calls.




This is our getting to know you phase. We’ll talk project goals and deliverables. Like any good relationship, this is when we set expectations and establish open communication. We’ll let you know when and why we need things, and discuss the all-important timeline.



Time to dial in. You’ll get a solid proposal chocked full of important details, contract terms, deposit needs and project outlines. We’ll get any related pictures, logos, brand guides and copy you’re providing.



We’ve come to the first look. Take your first draft back to your team and discuss. We may not always agree on design changes and here’s where we talk things through and ensure you meet your goals and happiness quota.



Welcome to the grand finale. Revisions are incorporated and the final product is revealed. The completed project is sent in the appropriate format and is ready to go. No need to hold your applause. We’re excited too.

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Ready to talk about your branding strategy, latest graphic project needs, or the best queso shop in South Central Texas? (Hint-it’s in Austin) Let’s chat.

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